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Would you be excited by getting 100 guaranteed Exclusive "HIGHLY QUALIFIED" business leads every day?

We Are A Digital Lead Generation Agency Specializing in B2C leads.

We specialize in 'cost per lead' digital marketing. Forget expensive agencies that bamboozle you with confusing 'advertising' jargon who expect a long term retainer contract and then sadly under-perform. We sell leads your sales team will love, that also provide you with an instant ROI. All you have to do is press the button.

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Good Quality (Qualified) Leads Are The Life-Blood Of Any Company.

Over the past 20 years, my teams and I have developed bespoke techniques and tools which consistently allow us to produce amazing results.

This process has been tried and tested with many different products and through hundreds of thousands of dollars of testing, producing 10's of millions of dollars in business for my clients and my businesses.

This is how we can GUARANTEE the quality of our leads.

Our Offer - You Only Pay For The Leads You Need!

And, the best part is there are ...

NO upfront creative costs
NO upfront production costs
NO upfront setup fees, – this alone is an incredible saving of over $6000 alone!

And, to make this even better, you don’t have to pay a monthly management fee!

But Wait - There's More! --- We Only Sell EXCLUSIVE Leads!

That's right, we do not sell shared leads, you will not be competing against other lead buyers on the same lead.

This means we can offer you a risk-free trial to our digital advertising pulling power.

Who Our Offer Is For:

Companies that have products with mass consumer interest

Average order value over $1000

Insurance, Legal, Financial & Home Services

We only accept 1 client/vertical per Zip, State or Nationwide depending on the geographic, demographics and customer psychographics of your campaign and your lead purchasing appetite.

Contact us to see if we have availability in your desired areas and lock in the state(s) you want to target.

Are There Any Catches?

There are two:

1)   We specialize in Business to Consumer lead generation - We don’t do B2B.

2)   If you decide to work with us you must be capable of accepting at least 50-100++ leads per week.

Who Is Fibzero?

Fibzero is a full-service direct response digital agency in Houston, Texas area.

We are Facebook media buyer experts.

We specialize in creating digital advertising that sells and can generate from 50-5000 + leads per week.

We are again expanding our capacity and can offer guaranteed results to more businesses.

How Can We Guarantee Results?

We’re able to guarantee the quality of our leads because of our total approach to digital direct response. We have developed systems that are unique to us – and this makes for unusually powerful digital advertising.

Here are the key points:

1)    Advertising Is Salesmanship.

Our whole creative approach is built on this fundamental premise. Every word, every picture in our advertisements must justify itself in sales. Of course, most digital direct response agencies fully agree with the idea that advertising must sell. But we don’t believe most of them live by it as religiously as we do and would shrink from the thought of guaranteeing their work.

2)    Building on a Strong Product.

We believe that great advertising starts with a first-class product. Don’t forget “A gifted product is mightier than a gifted pen”. Once we take on a client with such product, we research it for weeks. We take it apart and examine it from all angles. We do extensive research to find out who your prospective customers are. Then we explore what your competitors are doing – until we’ve found your unique consumer advantage. Once we have this, we build the entire campaign around it, to demonstrate logically, factually and dramatically, why yours is the best product to fill your specific customer’s needs. We’ve verified time and again in sales results that a strong product and good advertising are a combination almost impossible to beat.

3)    Top Creative Teams.

We hire the best Creative Teams we can find. Our creatives are the most passionate and hard-working in the industry. This includes creative directors, copywriters and graphic designers.

4)  A Principle on Your Account.

During and after the initial test period, an agency principal will supervise all work on your account and have day-to-day responsibility for anything done for you. You gain the experience of– and have immediate access to - one of our key people at all times.

5)  Bringing It All Together.

Bring this all together is a passion and a commitment to digital marketing that makes work a joy at Fibzero You’ll find our teams working after 7,8,9 o’clock, night after night,brainstorming and beating all other competitor’s controls. This creative excitement is exhilarating.

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What Should You Do If You’re Interested in Exclusive High Quality Leads?

1) If you are interested in our incredible and unique offer then click the "Get Started " button.

2) We'll ask you several questions to make sure we are a fit before proceeding to a scheduled call.

3) During the call we'll discuss your business, your product, your sales process and lead gen goals.

4) If we agree to move forward we'll start right away, and depending on the campaign details and requirements we'll have new leads flowing to you typically within 3-10 days.

Remember this would be a no obligation chat – if you don’t want to work with us you won’t hurt our feelings.

But, if you do want to work with us, that would make us very happy indeed!

As a multi-business owner for over 20 years I know what it's like to need a steady  flow of high-quality leads and nowadays there are so many media buying platforms and channels it takes real dedication to harness the power to your benefit, but when done right we can harness technology to potentially grow business exponentially faster by cutting out the tire-kickers via personalized customer journey's and data segmentation - and go straight to the qualified buyers. It's an incredible time to grow your business!

- Rob Olson

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